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A buyer’s guide to family friendly caravans

A buyer’s guide to family friendly caravans feature image
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If you're like most people, the idea of caravanning conjures up images of picturesque campgrounds and endless miles of open road. But what if there was a caravan out there that was just as comfortable for a weekend away as it is for a cross-country trip? Enter the family-friendly caravan – a versatile and roomy option perfect for holidays with the kids or a weekend getaway with friends.

In this buyer's guide, we'll take you through everything you need to know about these family-friendly homes on wheels. So pack up your bags and get ready to hit the open road!

So what do I need to consider when buying a family van

If you're looking for a caravan that's perfect for family holidays, there are a few things to consider. What kind of layout do you need? How many berths will you require? And what features will make your trip more comfortable? 

Some ideas to consider

  1. What to look for when buying a family-friendly caravan
  2. What additional safety features are included to keep your family safe on the road
  3. The benefits of owning a family-friendly caravan
  4. Tips for travelling with children in a caravan
  5. The best places to take your family on holiday in a caravan

It is a good idea to write down for yourselves what features you deem important in a caravan before setting out to look for your van.

What to look for:

One of the first considerations for your choice of family caravans for sale should be whether you intend long-distance travel or just up or down to the coast. The reasoning here determines whether you need a more robust van like a semi-off roader for long distances or just a holiday van for reasonably local use. Along with this comes the decision about space. The larger the van, of course, the better suited it is for a larger family. These days you can get triple berth bunks in addition to a queen-sized bed for Mum and Dad. 

Another feature that can mean more space are the slide-outs which allow for more family space when set up camping yet are retractable when towing. Slide-outs can be used in lounge areas, dining or bedroom areas. 

Safety first for your precious family

In looking for family caravans for sale, it is wise to consider safety features like your preferred style of hitch, anti-sway features, under van suspension systems, braking systems, visual aids like rearview cameras, load capability of your tow vehicle, electrical and gas set-up and any other road safety feature that your dealer recommends. 

Benefits of owning your own family-friendly caravan

Well, this is the kernel of the whole issue, what are the benefits? When you find yourselves, travelling in the great outdoors and pulling up beside a fresh flowing stream, the kids taking off to discover a platypus, you and your beloved sitting down with a glass of wine and watching the glorious sunset perhaps in front of a campfire, then you know what the benefits are. It’s that age-old longing for discovery that plagues every generation, that “what’s over the next hill” sort of thinking. It’s that kicking back, watching the tide drift in and out on the shore, and hearing the waters' lap. It’s feeling that sense of refreshment after working hard at your jobs for so long and now just slowing down and taking it easy for a change, no more pressure from the clock.

Tips for caravanning with kids

Probably the first tip is to bring along those devices or books/games that they can use while travelling, which might delay the inevitable question that kids ask “are we there yet”.  

  • Keep your travel day down to smaller distances with plenty of breaks to allow them to stretch their legs rather than making the whole trip a torture trial. 
  • Look for campsites where you know they can have an adventure but in a safe way
  • Keep an eye out for other kids with whom yours might play or make friendships
  • Let them help with camp set-up or breaking camp so they feel part of the family team
  • Restrict their screen time while in camp so that they learn to amuse themselves in new exciting ways

Best places to holiday

We live in the best country in the world and more particularly one of the best for travelling our great land with your family in a caravan. Takalvans owners Dale and Natalie Rethamel have travelled around many spots in Australia in a caravan with their children and they say “ there are so many wonderful places in every state that are just the best to take your family to”. Locally there are great places around Bundaberg and nearby that are ideal for family holidays. Agnes Waters, Town of 1770, Gladstone, Yeppoon, Cania Gorge, Bunya Mountains, Bargara, Elliott Heads, Hervey Bay, Burrum Heads, Tin Can Bay, and Rainbow Beach, to name a few.

Final words on finding the perfect family-friendly caravan

So, there you have it – our top picks for family-friendly caravans for sale. We hope this buyer's guide has been helpful and that you now feel confident in choosing the perfect caravan for your needs. Remember to consider what’s important to you and your family, and don’t be afraid to ask questions when viewing different models. Happy caravanning!

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