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Your Guide to Caravan Inspections QLD: What You Need To Know

Your Guide to Caravan Inspections QLD: What You Need To Know feature image
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When it comes to buying, selling, or transferring a new or used caravan in Queensland, it's important to understand what you need to get your caravan inspected for and where to get caravan inspections done. 

Safety and gas compliance certificates are needed to ensure that your caravan meets the necessary safety standards and regulations. Here is what you need to know.

Safety Certificate for Caravans In Queensland

In Queensland, caravans weighing between 750kg and 3.5 tonnes require a safety certificate. Caravans weighing under 750kg do not need a safety certificate but must complete a Queensland Transport self assessment form. More on that at in the pre-registration section of the Queensland Transport website

You will need a safety certificate in the following situations:
  • Buying a caravan or trailer that has never been registered.
  • Transferring registration from another state.
  • The registration expired over three months ago.
  • Selling or buying a caravan or trailer.

Gas Compliance Certificate for Caravans 

Gas bottle on a caravan

If your caravan has a permanently fixed gas supply, such as a fridge, cooktop, or hot water system, you will need a gas compliance certificate in addition to the safety certificate. The following requirements must be met for the gas safety inspection:

  • Gas in the Gas Bottle: Be sure that the appliance is in good working order and ready for inspection. The gas bottle should be filled with gas and not expired.
  • Two-Stage Regulator with Over Pressure Protection (OPP): A two-stage regulator reduces cylinder pressure in two steps, providing a safe level for operating appliances and equipment.
  • Gas Pressure Test Point: Your caravan must have a test point installed, allowing you to test gas flow at reduced pressure.
  • Gas Fitters Plate or Gas Compliance Plate: The caravan should have a gas approval paper or gas compliance plate from a licensed gas fitter, indicating the installation history and work undertaken.
  • Australian Certified Appliances: Gas appliances must be certified as safe for use in Australia and should comply with Australian Certification requirements. Look for AGA or QGA certification badges or QLD Gas Association certification documents.
  • AGA Makers Warranty: The gas appliances should come with an AGA Makers Warranty.

Caravan Safety Checklist

You’ll need your caravan inspection QLD to be done by professionals. But if you’re buying a used caravan, there are some things that you can prepare or look at yourself to be sure they are in working order before you go and get your certificates. 

The following will be considered during your caravan safety inspection:
  • Identification compliance plate.
  • Lights (tail, stop, clearance), reflectors, and indicators.
  • Number plate height (below 1.3 meters).
  • Tyres and spare tyres (without cracks and in good condition).
  • Rims.
  • Floors.
  • Bearings and inner bearing seals.
  • Breakaway system.
  • Brakes (operation, adjustment, drums, discs, shoes, or pads).
  • Handbrake.
  • Suspension.
  • Safety chains.
  • Shock absorbers.
  • Coupling.
  • Load-rated D shackles.
  • Underbody and A-frame.
  • Hitch and coupling.
  • Brake components in the drum.
  • Jockey wheel.

Certificate Validity

Safety/roadworthy certificates obtained by private sellers are valid for two months or 2000 kilometres, while gas compliance certificates are valid for three months.

Issuing Certificates

Safety/roadworthy certificates can only be issued by Queensland Transport accredited examiners. It's recommended to book an inspection with a qualified mechanic who is fully insured, licensed by Queensland Transport, and an approved examiner.

Understanding caravan safety and gas compliance certificates is important. As things can change, it’s important to consult official sources such as Queensland Transport for the most up-to-date information and requirements. And remember, after the paperwork is done comes the fun and adventure!

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