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Must have caravanning parts & accessories for every caravaner

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So you have your caravan and are setting up for your first trip. You are looking forward to getting out onto the great open road with unlimited destinations in our wide beautiful land. It would be good if all you had to do is hitch up and go but it's important to consider some essential pieces of equipment to cover the “what if’s” that might come along. We have listed some of the major essentials that you might need below, most of which you can get at your local caravan parts and accessory shop, however, the list is not exhaustive and the best advice you can get about what to carry in essentials is at your caravan parts and accessories dealer.

The essential items you need for your caravan:

Jacks, base, and wheel brace

bos jockey wheels action shot

Ensure that you have a good quality jack and necessary accessories and that they are readily accessible. Caravans have particular lift points that allow you to lift close to where the wheels are located to enable tyre changes. Always apply the parking brake and chock the opposite wheels before lifting and never climb under your van when it is on the jack. A good range of jacks and accessories are available at your caravan parts and accessories shop.

Wheel chocks and level ups

supex levelling ramp.

On arrival at your camping destination, you are likely to find that your site is not necessarily level. This is where a good set of level-ups and chocks come in handy. Your end-to-end level is adjustable through your jockey wheel but side-to-side may need an adjustment on one side or the other, often requiring just a slight maneuver up onto the level up. This is important for your comfort and also for the efficient operation of the fridge.

Tyre compressor and tyre gauge

smart pressure for caravan

Because as you travel your tyres over time might need their pressure topped up, a good quality compressor and gauge are very beneficial especially if you are far from garages with air filling points. Correct air pressure in both van and tow tug is vital to efficient and safe towing.

Electrical lead and adaptor

amfibian power adapter

When available, it is good to access 240-volt power to enable the use of your air-con or microwave and other electric appliances. This necessitates a 240-volt 15-amp lead. Ensure that you get a good length lead as often you end up quite some distance from the power box. Additionally, a 10amp-15 amp adaptor will help you out in certain instances like show grounds or at-home plug-ins. Ensure that the adaptor you choose is weather-proof.

Water hose and accessories

drinking water hose for caravan

Your hose should be a food-grade one to eliminate the chance of getting that plastic taste to incoming water and it is worthwhile getting an inline filter for instances when the water quality might be questionable. The accessories to enable you to hook up to varying park water taps are necessary too as is a hose bag which makes the camp pack-up process so much more efficient.

Sullage hose and bag

To enable the removal of your grey water a sullage hose and hose bag are essentials. Mark your hose bag clearly so that there is no mix-up with the incoming water hose bag.

Floor matting

There are times when a concrete pad will not be available to you, particularly in places like national parks or showgrounds. It is at these times that floor matting suitable to the floor size of your awning comes in handy and is much more comfortable underfoot particularly if the ground has prickles, gravel or sand/dirt.

Awning accessories

supex-curved roof rafter black

Privacy screens come in very useful if you are in a park in close quarters with your neighbours. It gives you that measure of privacy so that you can use your outside area freely. Tie-downs are essential for securing your awning in the event of windy or inclement weather. Many awnings have ended up being damaged because they weren't secured as a result of an unexpected storm or blow.

Leg beds

These little beauties allow you to have a firm footing under your van legs thus giving you a more stable setup and are very useful if the ground you are camped on is damp or less stable than otherwise might be the case.

Solar panels. blankets and accessories

folding solar panel for caravan

For free camping or even just pulling up overnight using just your 12-volt battery power and gas a good set of solar panels or a solar blanket are a must. This helps extend the length of time you can exist without plugging into 240 volts and additionally gives you the freedom to explore the great outdoors in places far removed from the big smoke like national parks or just a nice creek side camping spot.

Outdoor chairs and table

caravaners enjoying a fire

Well, what's the point of it all if you can't relax at the end of the day and sip a wine or have a cold one in the relaxing comfort of your favourite camp chair and table for the cheese and crackers while you watch a glorious sunset or watch and listen to the crackle of the campfire.

You have the freedom, so get travelling and make sure you have all the accessories you need.

You have the freedom to go anywhere in our great land and discover hidden treasures that lay just over the next ridge. It is a wonderful way to travel and really unwind and with the accessories, we have outlined your comfort and enjoyment can be made so much more pleasant. Your caravan parts and accessory dealer is willing to give you the advice you need about these and other essentials to enable you to be able to set out and travel with a minimum of stress and a maximum of relaxation. Happy Camping!

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