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Why the joy of caravanning is the journey & not just the destination

Why the joy of caravanning is the journey & not just the destination feature image
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The joy of caravanning is in the journey, not just the destination.

When you're caravanning, you get to enjoy all the amazing things that come with a road trip. You can stop wherever and whenever you want, taking in all the sights and sounds that make up this great country of ours. Plus, when you reach your destination, your accommodation is already there with you! No need to worry about finding a place to stay or getting lost in an unfamiliar town or city. Caravanning is the perfect way to see Australia at your own pace. We are going to suggest some ideas on what makes a great family caravan trip and some caravan holiday ideas, enjoy!

Some ideas that we are going to explore

  1. What caravanning is and why it's a popular holiday choice
  2. The benefits of caravanning - enjoying the journey, seeing new places, spending time with family and friends
  3. How to make the most of your caravanning trip
  4. Some tips on how to find the perfect family caravan
  5. Fun things to do while caravanning
  6. Location, location. Parks and camping grounds

So what is caravanning all about

One of the best descriptions of the caravanning life comes from a longtime caravanner who says “caravanning is about finding the freedom of the open road, a voyage of discovery, without the confines of itineraries, schedules and deposits. It’s about having your home towed behind you so that wherever you decide to pull up that is home.” 

The reason caravanning is a popular holiday choice

  • Restoring your connection with the great outdoors, with nature
  • Disconnecting with stressful routines, having a digital detox, choosing low-tech or no-tech,
  • Reconnecting as a family
  • More gentle on the family budget particularly compared to hotel/motel tariffs
  • Plenty of exciting adventures for kids and parents alike 
  • A variety of activities that promote healthy exercise

The benefits of caravanning

The first benefit must be the effect on your mental health. Caravanning has so many benefits in reducing stress and restoring a calmness that feeds into your spirit. Picture yourself sitting on the top of a high mountain watching the clouds drift by, the birdsong as the background music, the beautiful Australian bush stretching out before you, and time seemingly standing still. You know that you are relaxing when you lose track of which day it is, so you ask your partner, and they don’t know either. 

Some other caravanning benefits are:

  • Mateship with other caravanners like enjoying a glass of wine together or comparing local sights
  • Caravanning promotes a greater family cohesiveness and togetherness, creates great memories
  • Caravanning encourages a greater connection to country
  • Promotes spending more time outdoors
  • Encourages closer connection to nature
  • Enables us to help our country town economies by spending

How to make the most of your caravanning trip

As we said in the title the joy of caravanning is the journey not just the destination. Seeing the journey as an adventure so keeping the different legs of your journey to smaller distances where possible makes the journey so much more enjoyable for everyone, especially if you have children with you. Every town has its attractions and sights so don’t be in a hurry to get to your destination, “getthereitis” as it is called, because you have just missed some really great adventures along the way. Watch for skyroads that seemingly appear to climb into the distant sky, especially noticeable out west.

Some tips on how to find the perfect family caravan 

Before heading out to find your dream caravan ask yourselves some pertinent questions though, like

  • What destinations are in your must-do list for your travels in your caravan? 
  • Do we want to go off-road and maybe do national parks or stay on major roads?
  • How many are in your lovely family that will be sleeping in the caravan
  • Is our current vehicle suitable or limited to the size of Caravan we want? 
  • How long a trip do we intend to take
  • What length of van are we comfortable to tow - you may not need to go as big as you think. 
  • Can we hire a caravan to get an idea of what type we want or what is the type that best suits us?
  • Have we set a realistic budget? If you're not sure, have a look at caravan sales online and get an idea of the price range for different types of caravans. 
  • Check out our family caravans for sale for a great deal and an amazing range

Fun things to do while caravanning

  • Hiking or mountain climbing
  • Trailblazing through the bush
  • Kayaking or canoeing
  • Sailing
  • Fishing
  • Playing bocce, playing frisbee, playing family cricket, kite flying
  • Photography, sunsets and sunrises, bird watching
  • Just sitting down enjoying a glass of wine
  • Making and enjoying a campfire, cooking over a campfire
  • Having a family barbeque
  • Beachcombing, snorkelling, swimming, surfing
  • Reading a good book
  • And many more

Location, location - Parks and camping grounds

Australia has so many great places to prop for a while. If you like the bush then national parks or bush camping grounds are aplenty. 

Many of our national parks are just absolutely spectacular and well worth a visit whether to camp or just to go for a hike. Every state has its own national parks website along with lists of what facilities are available.

There also seems to be a growing number of bush camping venues making themselves available. 

Free camping is another alternative these days and carries with it a real sense of adventure along with a back-to-basics benefit. Many free campers find a place so peaceful that they end up staying longer than anticipated.

Showgrounds in many smaller towns are offering excellent camping facilities nowadays and in many cases for very reasonable site fees. Usually being close to town encourages the campers to spend up and so promotes the local economy.

Caravan parks throughout our land are not only numerous but often offer excellent facilities and in many cases entertainment for children that is unsurpassed.

No matter your caravaning needs, there’s nothing like a trip on the road with your family. 

Skyroads, backroads, country towns, mountains, high plains, bush or beach, all of which spell adventure, excitement, freedom and good memories. The great outdoors is calling you and one of the best ways of getting there is with your home on wheels, your family caravan. So while we might be biased, as you can see there are heaps of pros to the caravanning lifestyle and you can not beat the convenience and ease of travel it offers you and your Family. The beginning of your journey starts with finding that family caravan that suits your needs. Then the open road becomes your dream escape to wherever. Happy and safe travels! 

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